Domain Parking with Sedo

Frankly speaking, I haven’t used Sedo for a long time. Recently, I wanted to park some domains over there and see how things go. It looks like things have improved quite a bit over the years. For those who are new to Sedo domain parking services, here are a few things you might want to know. 1. Park and sell your domain name... more →
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Make Money Selling 3D Design

Are you good at design? Maybe selling 3D design could be a big money making opportunity for you. 3D printing is getting so popular nowadays, there are quite a few online marketplaces selling 3D designed gadgets, jewellery, or gift items. Some of these sites only tell you how much you can earn, how much they will charge… those... more →
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InMotion Hosting vs CrocWeb vs Namecheap

Did you notice that this blog is now hosted with InMotion Hosting? Two weeks ago, I decided to move some of my Hostgator hosted domains to other web hosting companies. So I signed up InMotion Hosting, CrocWeb, and Namecheap, and here are some brief comparisons of their shared web hosting plans. Web Hosting Plans: All InMotion Hosting... more →
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Automobile Related Niche

Can you make money with automobile related niches? Have you thought of targeting those areas? Some time ago, I totalled my car, and I needed to go through the trouble to rent a car, get a new one, and etc. During the whole process, I noticed that Internet marketers are once again making every opportunity to target some of the automobile... more →
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Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

There are many places you can test how fast your website loads, two of my popular choices are PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. Both PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix go to great details on how one can fix the website and make it load a bit faster. One usual recommendation is “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold... more →
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