BBQ Supplies, Sporting Goods, Consumer Electronics, Toys, Surveillance Equipment, Gift, Personal Safety Equipment, Pet Supplies, Headwear Dropshipper

BBQFans – Products include BBQ apparel, accessories, cookware, sauce and rubs, tools, wood and charcoal, branding iron, grill parts… For reasons such as large selection of products, BBQFans sometimes have items shipped directly from their manufacturer. They will simply ship what they have in stock and the remainder of... more →
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Free & Premium Plugins for WordPress Paid Membership Site

As of now, there are roughly 377 membership plugins listed in the WordPress plugin directory. All are free plugins with limited features. If you want more features and better technical support, you are encouraged to upgrade, average upgrade fee is around $100 for a year of support. Based on the number of downloads, there are quite... more →
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Protect WordPress from unauthorized login attempts to wp-admin and wp-login

Two months ago, I switched some of my websites to several new web hosting providers, and noticed that after a while, websites hosted with one particular provider were having problems with the wp-admin login page. It gave a Http 500 Internal Server Error. Other websites hosted with other providers remain working. Here is the code... more →
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Windows 10 – stuck at “Working on it”?

This morning I turned on my computer and saw that little notification about Windows 10 being downloaded and ready to be installed. So I happily hit the button and waited for something great to happen… After two hours of waiting, it seems like the free upgrade wouldn’t work despite its message saying “Working on... more →
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