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Windows 10 – stuck at “Working on it”?

July 30, 2015 Internet Stuff

This morning I turned on my computer and saw that little notification about Windows 10 being downloaded and ready to…Read More

Domain Parking with Sedo

July 26, 2015 Internet Stuff

Frankly speaking, I haven’t used Sedo for a long time. Recently, I wanted to park some domains over there and…Read More

InMotion Hosting vs CrocWeb vs Namecheap

June 16, 2015 Internet Stuff

Did you notice that this blog is now hosted with InMotion Hosting? Two weeks ago, I decided to move some…Read More

How To Add A Tip Jar To Your Blog?

September 7, 2014 Internet Stuff

Some Internet marketers believe that ads are the online tip jar. When visitors like what they read on a website…Read More

How To Do Geo Targeting

July 2, 2014 Internet Stuff

Are you looking for a free geo-targeting solution for your ad display? Most affiliate / CPA programs have certain geo…Read More

10 Offshore Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin

June 23, 2014 Internet Stuff

Bitcoin, being one of the popular choices of anonymous online payment, is getting more and more popular in the web…Read More