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Netrouting Review 2018

June 1, 2018 Internet Stuff

Very Affordable Web Hosting The thing that most impressed me is their pricing. Check out their basic shared web hosting…Read More

Looking For The Best Web Hosting Provider

May 30, 2018 Internet Stuff

It’s not easy to find a good web hosting provider, especially nowadays, there are so many fake reviews on the…Read More

5 Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas

November 25, 2016 Internet Stuff

Everybody loves gadgets, especially the useful practical ones! If you need some gadget gift ideas for the coming Christmas, here…Read More

phpDolphin Review

June 26, 2016 Internet Stuff

phpDolphin is a standalone php script, a social network platform which is similar to Facebook. Basically, it allows members to…Read More

Windows 10 Store, Calculator, Photos, etc Apps Not Working

January 19, 2016 Internet Stuff

After using Windows 10 for a few months, problems seem to show up every once in a while. First problem…Read More

Windows 10 & Rosetta Stone

July 31, 2015 Internet Stuff

Yesterday, as I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, I had a problem loading Rosetta Stone properly. Today, I decided…Read More