A2 Hosting Review 2018

Previously, I mentioned that I needed a new web host. Perferably, a web host supporting free SSL would be great. For personal sites, I don’t really need a paid SSL with insurance and stuff, as long as the connection is encrypted, that would be fine, something like Let’s Encrypt SSL would do the job. You can check this... more →
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Awstats Stopped Logging SSL Traffic

I thought I found the perfect host with great features and affordable pricing, but I was happy too soon. After a package upgrade, Awstats stopped logging SSL traffic for all the hosted domains. Using one site as an example, their support suggested that the problem could due to a mixed content front page, that might make sense somehow,... more →
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Namecheap Alternative

Recently, Namecheap offers free privacy protection for their customers, that’s a great feature for those who are still using Namecheap. But for those who decided to leave Namecheap, that wouldn’t help much. Sometimes, cheap pricing is not everything. There are always other reasons which might drive customers away, e.g.... more →
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